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Today we start hiking directly in Cala San Vincenc. We start to walk the small road to Port de Pollenca. After about 20 minutes there is a roundabout. There we turn left to a house and behind that house there is a hill with lots of grass. Up the hill we find our way following the marks of stones up to the summit. From here it takes about one hour to get to the summit. The view from the summit is great and it is not crowded with people! You can see the sea, the cliffs and down to Port de Pollenca and the bay of Alcudia.

When you drive into Cala San Vicenc shortly before the sea there is a wooden board that says that there is a hiking path on the left side of the road. The path goes to a small forest first and after a few minutes you have a clear view to the sea. Actually the path ends after about 45 minutes next to a cave. But now the interesting part begins! From here you can follow signs of stones trough grass even further up. With every meter we go up the view is even more amazing. We stay somewhere there for a long time before going down the same path.

Today we took the car and drove to Port de Soller. Having read about this place many times we finally wanted to see it by ourselves. The way looked not so long on the map, but it turned out to take ages! We spend almost the whole day in the car driving to and back from Port de Soller. Actually the place looked quite nice but it was filled with so many tourists.. and when we arrived it also started to rain... not such a great day..