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Today was the last day of our education week at the Freiburger Hütte. We decided to walk around the Rothorn. It is a really nice walk. From the Obere Laguzenalp it goes up quite steep. There was still a lot of snow at this part, and on the way down was a lot of mud. Still it was really worth going, when the sun came out the landscape looked very beautiful. Today we saw marmots, ibexes and even a golden eagle, very impressing! 🙂

Today was a really beautiful day! Blue sky and still some snow make the landscape look really pretty 🙂 We started walking in the direction of the Ravensburger Hütte and crossed the Steinerne Meer. After going up a gully after the Steinerne Meer we could already see our summit for today - the Pöngertlekopf. The path to the summit is also unmarked, but not exposed. Still it takes some time to go up there. On the way down it was very slippery and I fell a few times 😛 Before the Steinerne Meer we took the path down to the Formarinalpe and from there we walked back to the Freiburger Hütte.

Today there was still a lot of snow outside! Nevertheless we started to a summit that is not so far away from the Freiburger Hütte. The Formaletsch is a summit without a marked path, so you have to find your own way up. Because of the snow and the wet conditions it was not so easy. It is recommended to only go up there when it is dry. Unfortunately when we reached the top everything around us was covered by clouds and we could not see anything. But I guess with blue sky the view from the summit will be great. 😉

Today the weather was not looking so good - many clouds and the forecast said rain in the afternoon. So we decided to go only on a short hike to the Roggelkopf. The Roggelskopf is a very prominent summit, you can see it very clearly from the hut and it looks very impressive. But I really enjoyed this hike! In the beginning the path is easy, later you have to cross an area of many broken rocks and at the end some climbing is required. The part before the summit is quite exposed, but there are some steel cables and going up there reminded me of doing a via ferrata which I quite like 🙂