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Not far from our home is the HW5 hiking trail which goes form Pforzheim to the Allgäu. On this sunny Saturday we decided to hike one stage of this trail - from Herrenberg to Unterjesingen. This stage was supposed to be a "panorama" trail with great views into the Ammertal. Basically this is true - there are places from where we had a great view - however about 13km of the in total 21km long trail we just walked through the Nature Reserve Schönbuch forest without having a wide view. This part of the trail was quite boring compared to our regular trips through the Alps. Anyway, it was ok for a day trip which was just round the corner.

Not far from Herrenberg we arrived at the Herrenberg Waldseilgarten which is a kind of high rope course. Up to here it was a very nice path. The next kilometers were more or less in the forest. The last two kilometers before we arrived at Hohenentringen Castle were quite nice again. From here we had a very nice view down to the valley. The Hohenentringen Castle was a very nice place where we had something to drink and a piece of apple pie. After about 20km walking we really enjoyed sitting in the sun. After a long break we walked down to Unterjesingen from where we took the Ammertalbahn back to Herrenberg.

During our alpine crossing from St. Gingolph to Menton we recorded parts of our track with a Garmin etrex GPS receiver. Unfortunately we sometimes didn't have enough batteries with us. So we don't have tracks for the whole tour. Still, what we have is available as a set of .gpx files below. There are several ways to view .gpx files. Under linux you may use viking in combination with open street map. As far as I know google maps is also able to display .gpx files. We provide those files hoping that they are helpful to others. But of course using the data is on your own risk.

This map shows our tour and indicates where we recorded GPS tracks.

GPS  .zip   .tar.gz.