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Today the weather forecast said sunshine until about noon and then thunderstorms.. So we think going the Tegelbergsteig and Fingersteig via ferratas is a good option, because you can do them in only half a day. We arrive at the car park of the Tegelbergbahn at about 8am. And right in front of us are already very big clouds. It looks like a thunderstorm would build up soon. So we decide not to do the via ferratas. Instead we walk to the Neuschwanstein Castle which is directly next to the Tegelberg.

Because it is still quite early when we arrive at the castle there are not so many people around. We walk around and take some photos and luckily we are also able to walk on the Marienbrücke (it was closed for construction until two weeks ago).

Then we meet a local who gives us the advice to walk along the trail that starts right after the bridge and goes up to the Tegelberg. On this trail after about 30 minutes we arrive at a nice view point. There we have a picknick before going back down.

After waking up today we feel reeeally tired because of the long hike to the Großer Krottenkopf yesterday. So we decide to take it easy. We have a really good breakfast at the Weinklause. Then we walk up to the ski jumping arena and along the Walserweg to the Gaisalpe. We then continue to the Gaisalpsee.

There are many people at the lake and also many people are going up to the Rubihorn. We decide for the quieter trail and walk up to the Oberer Gaisalpsee. Now we meet only a few other people. We continue until the Seealpe. Here we take a long break, have a drink, and then go back down to Oberstdorf. This trail offers great views and was a nice end of our summer vacation 🙂

The summit of the Großer Krottenkopf - the highest mountain of the Allgäuer Alps - is on my wish list for a long time and for today the weather looks very promising 🙂

The Kemptner Hütte is fully booked as always on a summer weekend like this one. So we decide to stay in a cosy hotel in Oberstdorf and go up and down on the same day. We meet many other people on the way to the Kemptner Hütte. When we reach the hut we take a short break. Now the trail is less frequented.

The trail is quite easy, only the last 100 meters require some climbing (I). From the summit the view is perfect! 🙂 We go back down the same way, take another break at the Kemptner Hütte and are back at the hotel 10.5 hours later 😛

Feeling a bit tired today after the Kanzelwand via ferrata yesterday evening we decided to take it easy today and walk up the Walser Hammerspitze.

We started in Mittelberg and hiked to Kuhgehrenalpe. This place looked really nice, but it was a bit crowded by people coming up with the Kanzelwand cable car. We continued to the Hammerspitze. After leaving the path that comes from the cable car we were almost alone. The way up offers great views to the Ifen. From the summit we saw the path going to the Großgehrenspitze. It looked quite interesting and would surely be worth a walk.

But for today we decided to go down to the Fiederepasshütte. There we enjoyed a huge Germknödel 😀 My legs were already aching a lot and I would have loved to stay at the hut and continue the next morning. But we had to go back to work the next day, so after about one hour we slowly walked back down to the car park.

Our first summit this year! We cycled up to the Gaisalpe. Actually we wanted to see how far we can go to the Rubihorn - but there was still too much snow! So after having a drink at the Gaisalpe we had a look at the Entschenkopf. It looked like the snow was mostly gone there, so we decided to give it a try! But after we came to the back of the mountain we saw that there was also a lot of snow! We walked for about 10 minutes through the snow but there was a very steep snowfield besides us and we felt really uncomfortable, so we returned. But the summit looks very interesting and we will definitely come back when the snow is gone. Instead we walked up to the Schnippenkopf. Our first summit this year! 🙂 We stayed a long time and enjoyed the view 🙂