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A big storm was announced by the weather forecast for the evening. Tonight we tested our new Fujifilm XT-1 camera and recorded some lightning in the sky from our home terrace. So far we think the results are looking quite the promising 🙂

In addition we tried to capture the arriving storm with a few time-lapse recordings.

On a hot sunny Sunday we decided to cycle to Stuttgart airport. There is a very cool place right in front of the runway (see google maps) where the airplanes come in for landing and leave for take off - right over your heads. This is definitely nothing for everyday but worth to see once 🙂 The videos have been recorded with a Fujifilm XT-1 camera. Post processing was done with openshot.


Today we participated a photography lesson with Heinz Zak - a famous mountain and landscape photographer. More precisely it was a kind of "photography hike". Together with eight other participants we have been taken to Renksteg. From here we started to hike to the Freiberg See. Everyone had his own camera and mount and here and there we stopped to practice different techniques. Heinz always gave some hints regarding the scene and the camera settings. From our perspective it was also very useful to compare and discuss different images with respect to the layout, exposure and focus settings. After about 5 hours a small bus took us back to the center of Oberstdorf. Here we all were sitting together for another hour discussing different photography topics and enjoying the prepared food. Finally, Heinz gave us a presentation of his new exhibition - most of his photos were taken in the Karwendel. Personally we think the photos are absolutely great!
All in all we have to say the whole event was very well organized by the Oberstdorf tourism center - you did a good job! 🙂 We are already looking forward to  next year. We plan to participate the "photography biwak" at the Nebelhorn then.