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From Oberstdorf we take the bus to Baad. There we start to walk in the direction of Widderstein Hut.

The path which leads us to about 2000 metres is quite nice. We enjoy the walk and the sunshine. After about 1-2 hours we see the path that leads up to Großer Widderstein which is a summit about 2500 metres high. There are many people going up and down the Widderstein today. The last 500 metres
are climbing in grade 1. It is nice to go up there because you always have to use your hands as well which makes the way up more interesting. On the summit we enjoy the view around.

From the summit we take the same way back until we reach the Widderstein Hut. There we enjoy a cold drink and get the last two sleeping places for the night. It is a warm day with lots of sunshine. We had a great dinner and afterwards we went to our sleeping room. We share the room with 18 other people and some of them
are snorring. Nevertheless we sleep well and enjoy the breakfast the next morning.

Now it is becoming more cloudy and we decide to go down to the valley. On our way back to the Kleinwalsertal we see many nice colorful flowers. After a few hours we arrive in Mittelberg where we take the bus back to Oberstdorf. In Oberstdorf we enjoy the last hours of this nice weekend with Strudl and coffee in the Cafe Mozart.

The regional train from Boeblingen to Singen takes 2 hours. We bought the Baden-Württemberg-Ticket for 25 Euro plus 10 Euro for bike tickets. With this ticket we can take every regional train in BaWü. Our plan is to cycle from Singen to Konstanz today. The weather is quite nice – actually one of the first really nice days this year. We leave the train and cycle to Ueberlingen am Rhein. From there the road continues to Radolfzell at Lake Constance. After a longer break in the sun and having an apple juice with sparkling water we continue cycling into the direction of Konstanz until we see a sign which says Reichenau. Reichenau is a small island which has been nominated as World Heritage Site. So we decide this is a good chance to have a closer look here. We cycle to the island which is only connected to the mainland by one road with a huge alley. The island is quite nice – but still annoying that there are so many cars driving around. Instead of cycling all the way back we decide to take the ferry from Reichenau to Konstanz. It costs 18 Euro per person including bike – quite expensive... but still we think it's worth to do it. While waiting for the ferry we are sitting in the sun eating lots of ice cream from an ice cream parlour nearby. The ferry was quite small and there were not so many people on board. We enjoyed the one hour drive to Konstanz. In Konstanz there were many people around. The weather was still beautiful, but we had to take the next train home. But we are sure that we will come back to cycle another part along the lake and then maybe stay a bit longer than just one day.