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This weekend was said to be quite good weather, so we decided to spend it in the Tannheimer Tal. We slept at the camping site directly in front of the Haldensee. This is a really nice camping site and we were allowed to set up our tent directly in front of the lake. The atmosphere was very relaxed.

On Saturday we walked pass the Tannheimer Hütte and up to the Rote Flüh. It was already 8 years ago when we did this hike for the last time! From the Rote Flüh we walked down. This path where some parts are not secured by ropes was quite demanding. The via ferrata up to the Schartschrofen was very relaxed and after a short break we walked back down. Unfortunately the sun didn't come out today, but still we enjoyed the day back in the mountains.

On Sunday our muscles were aching a lot and therefore we decided to take it easy. We drove to the Vilsalpsee and walked up to the Landsberger Hütte. From there we walked to the Sulzspitze. This is a really nice summit, no people, and a beautiful view around. On the small hut below we enjoy a cold drink before walking down to the car. The Tannheimer Tal is always worth a journey 🙂

Finally we were able to go up to the Gaißhorn. It is a really nice summit with a perfect view around! We walked up from Birgsau via the Krumbacher Höhenweg and passed the Mindelheimer Hütte. After the hut there was still a lot of snow, but it was no problem to continue. The Gaißhorn is only a few minutes away from the path to the Gemsteltal. We were the only people on the summit which was really nice 🙂 Afterwards we went down to Mittelberg where we took the bus back to Oberstdorf.

Feeling a bit tired today after the Kanzelwand via ferrata yesterday evening we decided to take it easy today and walk up the Walser Hammerspitze.

We started in Mittelberg and hiked to Kuhgehrenalpe. This place looked really nice, but it was a bit crowded by people coming up with the Kanzelwand cable car. We continued to the Hammerspitze. After leaving the path that comes from the cable car we were almost alone. The way up offers great views to the Ifen. From the summit we saw the path going to the Großgehrenspitze. It looked quite interesting and would surely be worth a walk.

But for today we decided to go down to the Fiederepasshütte. There we enjoyed a huge Germknödel 😀 My legs were already aching a lot and I would have loved to stay at the hut and continue the next morning. But we had to go back to work the next day, so after about one hour we slowly walked back down to the car park.

Actually we wanted to do the Mainzer Höhenweg this weekend! We were already very excited about it, but then the weather changed all our plans. There was a lot of snow (in July!!) and so not the best conditions to do this hike.

So instead we take the car and drive to Riezlern. After many traffic jams we finally arrived at about 3pm. During the drive we already decided that we will try to do the "Zweiländer Sportklettersteig" on the Kanzelwand. The difficulty is about C/D-D, so this is one of the more difficult ones. We walk up from Riezlern and reach the beginning of the via ferrata at about 5:30 pm. The view is very beautiful, because most mountains are covered in a bit of snow and because it was alredy late we are the only people in the wall! The via ferrata is very exhausting, there are many traverses and often it is hard to find a good place for the feet. But anyway we did it! 🙂 After about one and a half hours we safely arrive on top of the Kanzelwand.

Being on the summit was just amazing because we were the only people all around and the sun already started going down covering everything in a very special light. We stayed for a long time before going back down to Riezlern.


It is already seven years ago since we walked the Heilbronner Weg for the last time! Seven years ago it was on a warm and sunny summer day. Today was filled with a mixture of clouds and sun. About one hour walking from the Rappenseehütte the path went up quite steep and there were some fixed ropes. Because of the snow the week before and it was the north face there was still a lot of ice! That made the path quite dangerous. We were lucky that we had our crampons with us. With them the crossing of the ice was secure. But many other people just went in hiking shoes on the slippery path. After a while we reached the ridge! From there the view in all directions is amazing! Now the path continues for long time on that ridge, always a bit up and down until we reached the Schwarzmilzferner. Seven years ago this small glacier was still a lot bigger than today! We took a break, thought about going up to the Mädelegabel summit, decided not to, because we were already quite tired. Instead we watched a lot of ibexes relaxing in the sunshine 🙂 Very beautiful! After that we passed a lake and reached the Kemptener Hütte shortly afterwards. Food was as always really good and soon after we fell asleep 😉