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Actually last year after we arrived by bike in Constance we said that we will definitely not do this again. But as time goes on you forget how hard it was to cycle the 170km. And so we started again! It was a beautiful day and when we came to Pfullendorf we could already see the mountains! And just before Überlingen the view was really great - so worth all the effort 😉

I was not able to walk stairs for the next day 😀 We took it easy and spent two days at the Sandseele cafe on the island Reichenau. After that we biked from Constance to the Rheinfall in Neuhausen in Switzerland. Quite exhausted we did not do much there just looked around and then biked back to Singen where we took the train back home.

Today the weather was perfect for cycling! We started at half past six in the morning at home where the sun was already shining. From Böblingen we cycled to TĂŒbingen through the Schönbuch forest. In the forest the sun vanished quickly and it was very foggy. After that part all clothes were wet and we were freezing! Luckily after about one hour the sun came back and we continued cycling from Reutlingen up the Swabian Alb to Sigmaringen. Here strong wind from the front slowed us down - and it should continue like that the rest of the day. From Sigmaringen the cycling path goes along the river Donau for some time before leading to Pfullendorf. After Pfullendorf we drove in the direction of Überlingen with loots of wind! In Überlingen we reach the lake! What a great view after all the cycling! The legs hurt very much already. Now only 15 kilometres are left until Meersburg. In Meersburg we take the ferry to Konstanz. Arriving in Konstanz Staad there are six kilometres left to the city center. Finally after 170 kilometres and 11 hours in total we reach our final destination! In the evening we enjoy pizza and the next day we spent relaxing at the lake in the sunshine!

This weekend the weather was said to be nice. For some time we already wanted to see another side of Lake Constance. So we decided to pack our bags, take our bikes and jump into the local train to Ravensburg. Our plan was to cycle from here to Konstanz and the next day from Konstanz to Singen. From there we wanted to take the local train back.

Actually Ravensburg was a quite ok place. Just today it was very crowded and quite a lot of car traffic was going round and round. After leaving the center of the city it became more quiet and it partly looked very nice. We cycled to Tettnang which is a small town about 10 kilometers away from Lake Constance. We were expecting to have a great view on the lake but actually 10 kilometers still is a bit of a distance. We continued cycling to Friedrichshafen - one of the major cities directly located at Lake Constance. Personally our first impression of the city was not that nice. One of the main roads more or less goes along the bank. Of course there are quiet places as well but somehow it is different compared to Konstanz. Furthermore most of the old buildings were destroyed in World War II. Hence many parts of the historic center were destroyed as well.

We continued cycling from Friedrichshafen to Hagnau and then to Meersburg. Finally - after about 15km - the main road left the cycle track and we arrived at Hagnau. From this point the cycling path and the landscape became very beautiful. When we arrived at Meersburg we took the ferry to Konstanz Staad (about 15 minutes). Including a bike we paid about 6€ per person.


After a good night in Konstanz we continued our tour to Radolfzell. From here we started a short excursion to the small peninsula Mettnau which holds a great nature-sanctuary. From here we continued our tour along the bank heading towards Stein am Rhein. Stein am Rhein is a small town in Switzerland where the Rhine flows into the Lake Constance. Stein has many nice medieval buildings which are painted with beautiful frescoes.

From Stein am Rhein we further cycled to the north-west and finally arrived in Singen. Overall it was a great tour - especially the part between Hagnau and Stein am Rhein 🙂

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A year ago we had a somewhat crazy idea of cycling from our current home town Böblingen to Lake Constance in one day. We tried the Hohenzollern bicycle route last year but had to give up because this way had many indirections instead of just leading us to the south. A few weeks ago we tried to cycle to Sigmaringen in order to test a new route. Unfortunately we had to abort the tour because of a thunderstorm.

Last Saturday we prepared everything for the next try. The bikes were saddled, the bags were packed and the GPX track was loaded onto the GPS. When we got up at 6:30am it started to rain - and didn't stop until 12:00. So again we failed. However, on Sunday we got another chance. This time the weather looked perfect. We again got up at 6:30am and started the tour. We cycled along Tuebingen, Reutlingen, Lichtenstein, Sigmaringen, Pfullendorf and finally Ueberlingen. It took us about 9 hours including breaks. When we arrived the weather was still nice and we had a lot of ice cream at the lakeside of Lake Constance 🙂 (and then a pizza!). In the evening we took the last train back to Boeblingen (we had to change twice - in Radolfzell and in Singen).

What a beautiful sunny weekend in December! We did not want to spend it at home, so we decided to visit my parents in Konstanz. There we enjoyed the sunshine during long walks along the lake. We were also able to see the mountains far away 🙂