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Today I did a hiking tour to the waterfall Glymur. The hike starts about one hour drive away from Reykjavik. At the beginning of the walk you have to cross a river, a log is placed there to help you, but it was a bit shaky 😮 The waterfall is located at the end of a fjord and is 196m high. I walked up on one side, then crossed a river (the water was ice cold!! and it was up to the knees! but better than going back the same way ;-)) at the top and then I walked down on the other side. The walk offers great views to the waterfall and back to the ocean. Just before reaching the top the sky became blue and the sun was shining and there was a rainbow inside the waterfall! That was so beautiful! I would definitely recommend this hike when you like waterfalls 😉

For many years I had the idea in my mind that one day I would like to go riding on an Icelandic horse in Iceland! And for today I booked a riding tour at eldhestar. My horse for the day was a mare called Spök and she was really lovely! The ride was about six hours and we rode through the Reykjadalur Valley. In this valley there are many hot springs and a lot of them are very active! We rode past some that have a temperature of about 100° C. After about three hours riding we stopped had lunch and took a bath in a hot spring! That was perfect! Riding an Icelandic horse and trying the tölt, a gait only the Icelandic horses can do, is really a thing one should do in Iceland 🙂

There is a perfect hike just outside of Reykjavik and it is even accessible by public transportation. From the city you can see the mountain range called Mount Esja and one nice place up there is the Pverfellshorn. To go there you can take the bus 57 to Esjustofa Hiking Center. There is a nice cafe at the beginning of the trail. Then the path leads along a river up to a place called Steinn. The view is amazing! And it gets better the higher you come.  At Steinn the path becomes more steep and in the end you have to climb a bit, there are also some fixed ropes. I stayed about two hours on the top and enjoyed the perfect view before walking the same way down 🙂