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Today we needed a break to recover from cycling the previous days. So we decided to take the ship to Limone. Limone is a small town with little lanes and nice cafes. Long time ago many lemon trees were planted in the area of this town, so you can buy things with lemons in every souvenir shop. So most people think the name Limone comes from lemon.. but that's not the case. It comes from the word 'limes' which stands for the border between Austria and Italy that was there long time ago.

Today we cycled to Pregasina. There is a paved road leading up to this small village. All along the way the view down to the lake is beautiful. From Pregasina we continue through forest to Bocca Larici. A small path to the left leads to an amazing view point! This is one of my favourite places in the whole region. On one side you can look down to Riva and Torbole, on the other side there is Limone and on the opposite side the Monte Baldo. We stayed here for more than one hour before going back to Torbole. On the way down we stopped at the bar at the Ponale road. Its a nice place to buy some cold drinks on a hot day like this.

Another famous bike tour on the Lake Garda is to cycle up to Rifugio Nino Pernici. From Lake Ledro there is a paved road that leads in many turns up to the Rifugio. Only the last part shortly before arriving at the hut is unpaved through a forest, but easy to cycle. From Rifugio Nino Pernici the view is really nice. I had an apple soda an an apple strudel. The apple studle was not good, seemed really old. The Rifugio is full with bikers, hard to have a silent moment here to really enjoy the landscape. I left the Rifugio quickly and enjoyed a longer break a bit away from the many people. Going down you can either chose way back to Ledro Lake or downhill on a difficult trail to Campi and from there steep roads to Riva.

GPS track is available here.

Having read in bike magazin and on the Internet about Tremalzo we thought this is definitively a route we would like to bike. Passo Tremalzo is famous for its way down on gravel in many turns. On this way first mountainbike tests for the bike magazin were done in 1989. It is possible to use a shuttle bus that takes you to the top of Tremalzo. But we decided either we do the whole thing on bike or we leave it. So we started in the morning and cycled from Torbole to Riva, from there along the old Ponale road with an amazing view on the Lake Garda up the Lake Ledro. When we reached the lake the first 600m in altitude were done. There is a nice cycling road from the lake to the beginning of the road up to Tremalzo. When you reach the road that leads up to Tremalzo 900m in altitude are left. The road is easy to cycle, never to steep, but still we were happy when we reached Rifugio Garda at 1600. From here the view around is great! We felt already quite exhausted at this moment, but then you have to cycle another 200m on gravel road. Then we reach a tunnel and the way down starts! That was great!! In endless turns you bike down to the lake and after each turn the view is amazing! At Passo Nota we had to decide which way we want to continue. Already quite tired we decided to go down to Lake Ledro and from there back to Torbole. That was a really cool start of our vacacion! 2300m in altitude in total, and in the evening we had a huge pizza! 🙂

GPS track available here.