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Only 30 minutes away from Venice is the city of Padova. Padova is one of the oldest cities of Italy and on the Internet we read that it should have a nice historic city center. So we decided to take the train and go there.

But Padova was not what we expected - it was full of people in shopping streets. And there was a lot of traffic. So after walking around for some time we decided to take a rest in a nice cafe - Locanda Peccatorum.

This island of Burano is really worth a visit. It  is about 40 minutes away from Venice by water bus. The houses on the island are all very colorful and the town has a relaxed atmosphere. We really enjoyed walking along the canals. You can also see the skyline of Venice. Burano is also famous for its laces, they are still made there and you can learn about it in the local museum.