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Our first summit this year! We cycled up to the Gaisalpe. Actually we wanted to see how far we can go to the Rubihorn - but there was still too much snow! So after having a drink at the Gaisalpe we had a look at the Entschenkopf. It looked like the snow was mostly gone there, so we decided to give it a try! But after we came to the back of the mountain we saw that there was also a lot of snow! We walked for about 10 minutes through the snow but there was a very steep snowfield besides us and we felt really uncomfortable, so we returned. But the summit looks very interesting and we will definitely come back when the snow is gone. Instead we walked up to the Schnippenkopf. Our first summit this year! 🙂 We stayed a long time and enjoyed the view 🙂

This time we were able to take our bikes with us to Oberstdorf! We decided to bike along the Rappenalptal until the road ends. The valley is very beautiful and in front of us we saw the still snow covered mountains. We left the bikes at the end of the valley and continued by foot to the Mindelheimer Hütte. Up to 1700m there was no snow, but then it started. We had to walk through snow that was about 1 meter high for the last 300 meters. After arriving at the Mindelheimer Hütte (which was still closed) we took a long break and enjoyed the scenery before going back.

Actually last year after we arrived by bike in Constance we said that we will definitely not do this again. But as time goes on you forget how hard it was to cycle the 170km. And so we started again! It was a beautiful day and when we came to Pfullendorf we could already see the mountains! And just before Überlingen the view was really great - so worth all the effort 😉

I was not able to walk stairs for the next day 😀 We took it easy and spent two days at the Sandseele cafe on the island Reichenau. After that we biked from Constance to the Rheinfall in Neuhausen in Switzerland. Quite exhausted we did not do much there just looked around and then biked back to Singen where we took the train back home.