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For our cycling tour today we chose a road that ends somewhere in a very small town. After that town there is only a mountainbike trail that continues.
Therefore we hoped that there would not be too much traffic.
We started in Maspalomas and cycled up to the small town El Tablero. From there we continued the road GC604. The traffic became less and less and after a few kilometres we were the only people on the road. That was great. Behind us was the blue ocean and the sky and in front of us we could see the mountains of the island.
We came to a point with an old barrack and a mast. There we had a first break. After looking at our map we thought that the road should end soon. But when
we continued cycling we realized that it was not over yet. The road continued for about another 6 kilometres and it went steep up the hill.
But after about 25 kilometres cycling uphill we reached the end of the road. The road gave us a great view of the barranco on its left and we saw many interesting plants on the way. But what we saw when the mountainbike trail began was amazing. On a field next to the road were two white horses. They were just standing there, eating and looking at us. Without a fence. That was very beautiful.
We decided to continue the mountainbike trail for a while. After some metres it started to go uphill again. And after a few kilometres we were in the middle of
a wonderful forest. On our way we saw many huge fir cones. The forrest smelled very good and it was a lot of fun to cycle on this bumpy trail. So we continued to
cycle up to a lake called embalse de chira. From there the path started to go downhill, so we decided to leave it for today and cycle back to our bungalow.

The descent back to the beach was lots of fun, because we didn't have to do anything except sitting on the saddle and holding the handle bar 🙂

During dinner we decided that this was the best bike tour on Gran Canaria we had done so far!


In November 2011 we wanted to give it another try. It was very dry and therefore the river which blocked us last time from continuing was gone.
Therefore we stated again in Maspalomas and cycled to the quarry. There we followed the path into the barranco de Fataga. The road was quite bumpy, but it was fun with the mountainbikes. The path starts flat but becomes steeper after a while. After about 600m difference in altitude we had a great view of the underlying barranco. From there the path stayed at one height and we enjoyed cycling through this great nature! You have a wonderful view from up there. After about 3 hours we started the descent to Ayagaures. There we enjoyed the view of the lake and continued to cycle up the road. Before the descent we had a break and enjoyed the view of the path we came down a few minutes ago. Then we started to cycle to road back down to Maspalomas. During this descent you get a great view of Maspalomas and the beach, the lighthouse and the surrounding buildings.
This is a really great cycling tour we can recommend to everybody who wants to enjoy the great landscape of Gran Canaria!


On a nice weekend at the end of September we decide to take the train to Oberstdorf and do some easy hiking. We start walking to Spielmansau. From there we go up to the Kemptener Hut. The way to Spielmansau felt very very long and was a bit boring. But the rest of the path to the Kemptner Hut offered a great view around.

When we arrived at the hut we had something to drink and decided to walk up a nice looking summit which was not too far away. After a one hour walk we were on top of the Muttlerkopf. We enjoyed the sunshine and the view down to the hut and to the Großen Krottenkopf. When we came back to the hut it was really full with people! There must have been more that 300 people this evening! We enjoyed some great food outside and decided to go to bed early.

The next morning we were up early and started walking towards Kreuzeck. After we gained some height we had a great view to the Kemptner Hut. There was already some snow on our path. The way to Kreuzeck and finally to Raueck offers a wonderful view around - you can see the whole Allgäuer Hauptkamm with the Heilbronner Weg, Mindelheimer Klettertsteig, Hindelanger Klettersteig and also the Hochvogel.

We walked down from Rauheck to Käsealp. This way is really slippery and difficult to descend. From Käsealp we walked to the Oytalhaus where we enjoyed a drink and cake and ice cream 🙂 Then we continued towards Oberstdorf where we took the train back home. A tour which offers the best view around the Allgäu!

We stayed at the Biberhof camping site in Biberwier and started our trip early the next morning. We drove by car to Arzkasten where we parked the car.

We walked through a forest up to the Lehenberghaus. Then we were a bit confused, should we follow the signs to 'Wankspitze'? Acutally we wanted to go up the via ferrata to the summit of the Wankspitze. Then down to the Coburger Hut and up the via ferrata Tajakante.

After looking at our map we realized that the Wankspitz via ferrata goes the other way round, you have to walk up in the direction of the Coburger Hut and then you can climb up the Wankspitze from the other side. That would mean we have to walk the same way twice when we want to go to the Coburger Hut afterwards. Therefore we decided to descent the via ferrata.

From the Lehenberghaus we walked up to a place called Lacke. This is a really nice place with a great view in the valley below. From there we continued to walk up the Wankspitze. A very nice summit. You have a great view from top of it.

We did the via ferrata in the descent. It was not difficult, but to do it in the ascent is more fun I think. You have to be aware of falling rocks the whole time in this via ferrata. This is a bit annoying.

Before we finished the route we met some people without helmet! This is very dangerous.When we finished the via ferrata we realized that it would not be possible to do the via ferrata Tajakante on the same day. It was already quite late. So we decided to walk up the so called Hölle (hell in English) which is a way up with many many pebbles. One step forward leads to two steps backwards or so 😛

After the so called Höllenreise we could see the Hinterer Tajakopf. The walk up there was really nice - down to the Drachensee and the Coburger Hut. And to the other side to the Vorderer Tajakopf with the via ferrata and the Zugspitze.

After some food and rest at the summit we had to walk all the way back to Arzkasten to our car. Quite a long way! All in all the tour took about 11 to 12 hours.

A long trip but with this beautiful weather really great! 🙂

This day we were a bit exhausted from the last hiking tours. So we decided to take the bus from Grindelwald to Bussalp. It was very expensive! But it saved us a few metres... At Bussalp we left the bus and started to walk in the direction of the Bachalpsee. The way took us longer than we thought. But you have a great view of all the huge mountains which are on the other side of the valley. We have not yet seen it from this perspective before and it is amazing - Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhon, Wetterhorn, ... all the glaciers - a great view!

When we arrive at the Bachalpsee we have a picknick and lay down in the sunshine. After two hours or so we walk to the next bus station and take the bus back down to Grindelwald.