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Summer time is Dolomites time! This year we decided to walk from North to South through the Pala group. The Pala is a not so famous group, but it is very beautiful and not so full with people. We started at the Passo Rolle. From there we hiked to the Rifugio Mulaz. In the afternoon we hiked up the M. Mulaz at almost 3000m altitude. The next morning we continued to the Rifugio Rosetta. The path was really cool with some climbing and perfect views around. From Rifugio Rosetta we did the Via Ferrata Bolver Lugli (C/D). It is 500 metres in altitude and the view down to San Martino di Castrozza is amazing! It finishes next to a bivouac. We walked back to the rifugio and stayed for another night. The next morning we continued to Rifugio Pradidali. There we took the Via Ferrata Porton (C) and Via Ferrata Velo (B/C) to the Rifugio Velo. Rifugio Velo is a very peaceful place. There were only very few other people and we had sunshine for the whole afternoon. We spend the whole afternoon on the sunlounger ๐Ÿ˜€ The next morning we walked back down to San Martino di Castrozza. This was another perfect vacation in Italy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today we have a huge breakfast at Rifugio Faloria. After that we start walking to Rifugio Vandella. On our map that one looks really nice. Next to the Rifugio Vandella is the Lago di Sorapiss. On the trail to the lake there are not many people. Today is very special - for the first time we see edelweiss! It is a very rare and beautiful flower ๐Ÿ™‚ We take a lot of photos, one definitely has to go on our living room wall at home ๐Ÿ˜›

About 10 minutes before arriving at the lake, there are suddenly hundreds of people ๐Ÿ˜ฎ This seems to be a favourite place to go for a day hike for Italian people. The lake is really beautiful, especially its colour. Unfortunately we cannot really enjoy it because of the many people. So we take some photos and take a quiet trail back down to the main road. From there we take a bus back to the next town.

A good alternative to crowded Cortina d'Ampezzo is a night in the Rifugio Faloria.

After a rainy day we start this hike in the afternoon in Cortina. The trail is partly very steep and slippery. After about three hours we arrive at Rifugio Falloria. Just before the rifugio is an old stone house. This is were the movie Cliffhanger was filmed! There are many signs pointing to this house, you cannot miss it ๐Ÿ˜›

In Rifugio Falloria we have a nice double room. Everything in the room is made out of wood - which leads to strange noises by timber worms in the night ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It is quite strange to be the only guests here tonight. But for dinner we have a first class seat right in front of the window looking down to Cortina and the Tofana! The view is just perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

This hike goes from Fanes and via a via ferrata over the Furcia Rossa to Rifugio Giussani. It is definitely one of the best hikes we have done so far!

Fanes is just beautiful. We pass the great Fanes alp and from there go in the direction of the via ferrata Furcia Rossa. On the whole way up to the Furcia Rossa we are completely alone. The view around, especially to the Tofana, is just amazing!

Before we reach the first ladders of the via ferrata we walk along a very exposed band (no rope). The via ferrata is difficulty C and no problem even with the heavy backpacks. On top of the Furcia Rossa there is a nice bench where we sit for a long time and enjoy the view. Going down more ladders is easy, but then an exhausting trail leads to the Monte Castello and Bivacco della Pace. The Bivacco della Pace is looking really nice inside and it is well equipped. From here most people go back down to the Fanes alp which is only 1.5 hours away. But we continue a bit up before going down on very steep gravel (this is a variant of the Via della Pace, but the descent is very difficult!) to the valley of Travenanze. This valley is really beautiful! Luckily there is a river going through the valley where we refill our water bottles. From here it is still a long way up to Rifugio Giussani.

We cross the river and are now on the other side of the valley. There is another via ferrata called Scala del Menighel. But when we see what it looks like we decide to take the longer way around it. I think this one is not so good when you have a heavy backpack, because you might easily lose balance. On the further trail we pass a huge waterfall! And there is a rainbow in it - so pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚ Then it is a long way up - but finally we reach Rifugio Guissani. The rifugio is one of the best we ever stayed and during a fantastic dinner we have a good view to the Tofana di Rozzes. This was one of the best hikes ever - but it was also a very long day, in total it took us almost 12 hours and about 2000m going up.

After four years we are finally back in the Dolomites! The crossing of this mountain range from Abtei to Cortina has been on our wish list for a long time. We take the bus to Abtei and from there walk up to the Rifugio La Crusc. The rifugio is directly below the Heiligkreuzkofel and the view around is amazing! We can see Marmolada, Piz Boe, Geisslerspitzen and a lot more of the beautiful Dolomites!

After breakfast the next morning we walk along the wall of the Heiligkreuzkofel thinking about Reinhold Messner climbing up this wall on one of the most difficult climbs during his time! After about 2 hours we are on top of the massive where it is very spacious. There we continue to the top of the Heiligkreuzkofel, then further on via a short via ferrata to the top of the Zehnerspitze. The view is amazing! We take a long break and then go on to Fanes. Fanes is a very beautiful place. There are many Italian tourists, but we are lucky and find a sleeping place at a cosy alp ๐Ÿ™‚