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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 20: Ceresole Reale – Pialpetta

Yeesss!We finally left Ceresole Reale after almost three days of bad weather. It turned out that it was good to wait for better weather since the path was partly steep and much easier in dry conditions. This afternoon we arrived in Pialpetta. I guess there is not much to say about Pialpetta despite that it feels like we arrived in deep Italy :) We got up at 6am today and had breakfast… There was a kind of cookie offered for breakfast which was so hard that even putting it into the coffee didn’t help much :D Probably they were from last winter… At about 10am we arrived at the top of today – Passo Crocette at 2641m. Here we had a long break. Looking back we were able to see Ceresole Reale one last time – luckily :) We then climbed down to Pialpetta in about 3 hours. Our accommodation today is one of the two “Posto Tappa” houses around. Tomorrow we are heading for Balme – another quite small village in the middle of nowhere ;)

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