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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 17: Rifugio G. Muzio – Ceresole Reale

After a two hour descent we reached Ceresole Reale – a very small village in the middle of nowhere. The sun was shining this morning. According to wikipedia Ceresole Reale has about 180 citizens – so as long as there is at least a wikipedia entry it can’t be too far off :) Our guide recently told us this is the main “city” in the valley. I am trying to imagine the other villages… After some searching we found a very small supermarket. Tonight we stay at Albergo Aquilla Alpina – a small pension. On our way down to this village we walked along the Lago di Ceresole Reale. This lake is quite nice…but it could be much nicer if it would not be surrounded by a fence with lots of warning signs. Maybe this is because the high voltage power line directly crosses the lake? Personally I feel a little depressed in this village. In all directions high mountains rise up into the sky…and here is nothing else around but a few small houses. But maybe it is just because of the clouds hanging all around… Outside the cumulus clouds are getting bigger and bigger and it is just a question of time until the rain will start – a good time to take some sleep :)

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