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Beautiful Bachalpsee

This day we were a bit exhausted from the last hiking tours. So we decided to take the bus from Grindelwald to Bussalp. It was very expensive! But it saved us a few metres... At Bussalp we left the bus and started to walk in the direction of the Bachalpsee. The way took us longer than we thought. But you have a great view of all the huge mountains which are on the other side of the valley. We have not yet seen it from this perspective before and it is amazing - Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhon, Wetterhorn, ... all the glaciers - a great view!

When we arrive at the Bachalpsee we have a picknick and lay down in the sunshine. After two hours or so we walk to the next bus station and take the bus back down to Grindelwald.

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