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Kemptener Hütte – Kreuzeck – Raueck

On a nice weekend at the end of September we decide to take the train to Oberstdorf and do some easy hiking. We start walking to Spielmansau. From there we go up to the Kemptener Hut. The way to Spielmansau felt very very long and was a bit boring. But the rest of the path to the Kemptner Hut offered a great view around.

When we arrived at the hut we had something to drink and decided to walk up a nice looking summit which was not too far away. After a one hour walk we were on top of the Muttlerkopf. We enjoyed the sunshine and the view down to the hut and to the Großen Krottenkopf. When we came back to the hut it was really full with people! There must have been more that 300 people this evening! We enjoyed some great food outside and decided to go to bed early.

The next morning we were up early and started walking towards Kreuzeck. After we gained some height we had a great view to the Kemptner Hut. There was already some snow on our path. The way to Kreuzeck and finally to Raueck offers a wonderful view around - you can see the whole Allgäuer Hauptkamm with the Heilbronner Weg, Mindelheimer Klettertsteig, Hindelanger Klettersteig and also the Hochvogel.

We walked down from Rauheck to Käsealp. This way is really slippery and difficult to descend. From Käsealp we walked to the Oytalhaus where we enjoyed a drink and cake and ice cream 🙂 Then we continued towards Oberstdorf where we took the train back home. A tour which offers the best view around the Allgäu!

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