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In December 2008 we spent about one week in America. We wanted to see a lot of the East Coast and visit my sister who was there as an exchange student.

We did a very interesting roundtrip:

A - New York City
B - Whippany, New Jersey
C - Long Branch, New Jersey
D - Washington D.C.
E - Philadelphia
F - New York City

New York City We started our trip in New York City. After arriving at the hotel we walked through the city. We saw the Empire State Building, but there were too many people, so we decided to take the metro to South Ferry. From there we took the Staten Island Ferry and saw the beautiful sunset behind the Statue of Liberty. On our way back we stopped at Times Square. On the next day we woke up at about 3 am and started looking for a supermarket where we could buy some food. After breakfast we went to the Empire State Building again and there were still many people, but we decided to go up anyway. We had a great view of New York from top of it. In the afternoon we went to Penn Station to catch the train to New Jersey.

In Whippany we visited my sister and her host family. It was a great experience to stay with an American family for a few days. In the evening we had ''Big Mouth Burgers'' at chili''s. They were really great! Together with my sister''s American host family, some people from Brazil and a girl from the Ukraine we went to Maggie Moos to have great ice cream.

Lena's host family lent us a car and so we decided to drive to the beach in Long Branch. Unfortunately the weather was not very good, but we still enjoyed the time there!

The next day we continue our journey to Washington. Washington is a great city. We arrived there in the evening after a 5 hours bus drive from Newark. Our hotel was amazing! In the evening we walked through the city and saw the White House. The next morning we decided to do some sightseeing, so we went to: White House, Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon, Capitol, ...

Back to the north we pass by in Philadephia for one night. Philadelphia was a stopover on our way back to New York. We spent the evening again at chili''s. In the morning after breakfast at Dunkin Donuts we went to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, passed the Hall of Indepence, Bell of Liberty and the place where George Washington lived.

Back in New York City we went to JFK airport and took the plane back to Germany.