Today the weather was not looking so good - many clouds and the forecast said rain in the afternoon. So we decided to go only on a short hike to the Roggelkopf. The Roggelskopf is a very prominent summit, you can see it very clearly from the hut and it looks very impressive. But I really enjoyed this hike! In the beginning the path is easy, later you have to cross an area of many broken rocks and at the end some climbing is required. The part before the summit is quite exposed, but there are some steel cables and going up there reminded me of doing a via ferrata which I quite like 🙂

After the Saladinaspitze we walked back for about one hour until we reach the path that leads up to the Fensterlewand. We had to climb up a gully to reach the summit. The gully was filled with soil and stones. Fortunately we were the only people going up there, otherwise falling stones might be a problem. It also requires some climbing to reach the summit (I-II). From the summit we had a good view to the Saladinaspitze 🙂

Last year we decided to become hiking guides for the german alping club (DAV). We enjoy being in the mountains so much that we would also like to show others some hiking trails. So we applied for a course to become a hiking guide. This course takes place at the Freiburger Hütte in the beautiful Lechquellengebirge.

On the first day of the course we did a hike to the Saladinaspitze. It is only about 2 hours away from the Freiburger Hütte. Most of the time the path is easy but before reaching the summit it is partly quite exposed. From the summit we had a great view to the surrounding mountains!

This tour can be combined with a hike to the Fensterlewand (2329m).

It was a quite hot afternoon. At about 3pm the weather forecast was still great for the rest of the day. So I spontaneously decided that a little movement can't hurt today 🙂 So I packed a small bag and started to hike from Oberstdorf to the Gaissalpe.

The sun was quite hot but in the forrest it was acceptable. When I arrived at the Gaissalpe I still felt quite good and so I decided to continue walking to the Gaissalpsee. One serpentine followed another but after a while I finally arrived at the lake. The sun was reflected by the turquoise surface of the lake and glinted under the blue sky. Here I made a longer break and enjoyed the landscape.

After the break I felt quite good again and so I decided to go on to the summit of the Rubihorn. The rest of the ascent was luckily in an area without sun. When I finally arrived at the summit I was the only one up there.

I had a clear look down to Oberstdorf and to the north. I just love this place 🙂 For the way down I chose the descent to the Seealpe. It is maybe a little steeper at the beginning but I just didn't want to go all the same way back. At about 10pm I safely arrived back at Oberstdorf.

My conclusion of this day: Sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best 🙂

From Puntagorda we drove by car up to the end of a very very steep small road (28.748399, -17.908844). There we park the car and start walking up to the top of the caldera. On the way to this place we saw the beautiful plant Echium Wildpretii on the roadside several times! This plant only lives on Tenerife and La Palma! At the end of the road we reach a point called 'Degollada de Las Palomas'. From here we have a spectacular view in the caldera! Only 20 minutes away is Roque Palmero, a summit 2306 metres high. From Roque Palmero you can see the whole landscape of La Palma! The view is perfect and the sky is completely blue. We also see Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro. The hiking path goes in both directions and it is definitely worth walking it for a while.