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A quick visit at Rubihorn

It was a quite hot afternoon. At about 3pm the weather forecast was still great for the rest of the day. So I spontaneously decided that a little movement can't hurt today 🙂 So I packed a small bag and started to hike from Oberstdorf to the Gaissalpe.

The sun was quite hot but in the forrest it was acceptable. When I arrived at the Gaissalpe I still felt quite good and so I decided to continue walking to the Gaissalpsee. One serpentine followed another but after a while I finally arrived at the lake. The sun was reflected by the turquoise surface of the lake and glinted under the blue sky. Here I made a longer break and enjoyed the landscape.

After the break I felt quite good again and so I decided to go on to the summit of the Rubihorn. The rest of the ascent was luckily in an area without sun. When I finally arrived at the summit I was the only one up there.

I had a clear look down to Oberstdorf and to the north. I just love this place 🙂 For the way down I chose the descent to the Seealpe. It is maybe a little steeper at the beginning but I just didn't want to go all the same way back. At about 10pm I safely arrived back at Oberstdorf.

My conclusion of this day: Sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best 🙂