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Early in the morning we start with our mountain bikes from Playa del Ingles. One can rent bikes at 'Free Motion' (close to the Hotel Sandy Beach). You can follow our way on google maps (see below).
Since there are only few cycle tracks in Playa del Ingles one has to cycle on the road quite often. Especially crossing a big rotary traffic the first time feels a bit scary. Once Playa del Ingles lies beyond us, the amount of traffic becomes less.
The weather seems to like us this morning...
On our way to the Palmitos Park quite interesting plants grow beside the road.
During the last two kilometers the steepness increases. Hence, we decided to take a break.
Finally, we arrive at the Palmitos Park. The enry price for an adult is 23 Euro which we are not willing to pay - instead we think this is a big fucking rip-off. Actually, we planned to continue our tour to the nearby dammed lake. However, the road which is shown as public on the map is part of the Palmitos Park and cannot be passed. Therefore we changed the direction and enjoyed the way downhill. Nevertheless a great trip trough beautiful landscape!