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Cycling from Böblingen to Lake Constance

Today the weather was perfect for cycling! We started at half past six in the morning at home where the sun was already shining. From Böblingen we cycled to Tübingen through the Schönbuch forest. In the forest the sun vanished quickly and it was very foggy. After that part all clothes were wet and we were freezing! Luckily after about one hour the sun came back and we continued cycling from Reutlingen up the Swabian Alb to Sigmaringen. Here strong wind from the front slowed us down - and it should continue like that the rest of the day. From Sigmaringen the cycling path goes along the river Donau for some time before leading to Pfullendorf. After Pfullendorf we drove in the direction of Überlingen with loots of wind! In Überlingen we reach the lake! What a great view after all the cycling! The legs hurt very much already. Now only 15 kilometres are left until Meersburg. In Meersburg we take the ferry to Konstanz. Arriving in Konstanz Staad there are six kilometres left to the city center. Finally after 170 kilometres and 11 hours in total we reach our final destination! In the evening we enjoy pizza and the next day we spent relaxing at the lake in the sunshine!