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Turquoise Lago di Sorapiss

Today we have a huge breakfast at Rifugio Faloria. After that we start walking to Rifugio Vandella. On our map that one looks really nice. Next to the Rifugio Vandella is the Lago di Sorapiss. On the trail to the lake there are not many people. Today is very special - for the first time we see edelweiss! It is a very rare and beautiful flower 🙂 We take a lot of photos, one definitely has to go on our living room wall at home 😛

About 10 minutes before arriving at the lake, there are suddenly hundreds of people 😮 This seems to be a favourite place to go for a day hike for Italian people. The lake is really beautiful, especially its colour. Unfortunately we cannot really enjoy it because of the many people. So we take some photos and take a quiet trail back down to the main road. From there we take a bus back to the next town.

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