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Windy day on the Nadelhorn!

Finally it was time again to go up a high mountain! Together with a mountain guide and two other people I met in Saas Fee. From there we hiked up to the Mischabelhütte. The hut is really nice, but there were many people and we had to squeeze in for dinner. The view down to Sass Fee, which lays 1500m below, is great! The path to the hut is also very interesting as it is almost a via ferrata and walking up there was really worth it.

The next morning we started in the darkness and were able to see the colorful sunrise in the morning from the glacier. All the day there was a storm, it was really cold and icy. That made the ascent quite difficult. In the beginning you just have to walk on a glacier, but for the last hour some climbing on the ridge is required. After about 4 hours we reached the summit, unfortunately it was completely covered in a cloud and we could see only a few meters. We stayed only for a couple of minutes before going the same way back down to the Mischabelhütte. When we left the glacier we also left the cloud and walked the rest of the day in sunshine. The way to the summit of the Nadelhorn is really a great tour and would even be better with sunshine 🙂