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Gaishorn above Tannheim

Today we slept in our tent in Tannheim. After leaving the tent in the morning we walk up to the Vilsalpsee. Last time when we were here everything was covered in clouds. Today is completely different, not a single cloud is on the sky and the lake  below the Gaishorn looks really beautiful.

From here a nice trail leads up to the Gaiseck. Unfortunately it is hard to really enjoy the trail because today is the hottest day of the year! It is so unbelievable hot and we drink a lot of our water on the way up. On Gaiseck we decide to try the trail to Rauhorn, but we turn around shortly before the summit. There is some climbing (II) required and we do not feel so good because of the heat. So instead we walk up the Gaishorn which is also a nice summit 🙂 Here we stay for a long time before going back down.

We would like to continue to the Schrecksee, but our water is already almost empty and so we walk down to the Vilsaple, have a drink and go back to the camping space 🙂 All in all a nice summit, but it was far too hot for hiking today 😮