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I love hiking through the Alps, but about one year ago I decided that I would also once in my life see the mountain range with the highest mountains on Earth. So I decided to go to Nepal! This time my sister was coming with me.

Nepal is very famous for trekking as it offers the best views of the mountains. We decided to walk the trek to the Annapurna Base Camp which takes about 8-10 days and goes up to 4100m. Hiking in the Himalaya is a great experience! People are very friendly and helpful and the landscape changes almost every day. During our trek we walked through forests with monkeys, crop fields, small villages, bamboo forests.. until we finally reached the glaciers!

But besides the always nice looking photos of the mountains, Nepal also has some sides that you mostly do not see before you have been there. As I have never been to a country outside Europe, I was a bit shocked by the pollution. The country has so much nature to offer but people do not always respect it. Rubbish is thrown out of bus windows and into rivers. Many rivers are full of plastic bottles. Many people burn their rubbish over night which leads to bad smell while you are sleeping. Cars and buses are very old and produce a lot of emissions..

I hope that people will continue visiting Nepal and enjoy the beautiful nature and hopefully the money the tourists spent will be used to improve the situation of the country.

But instead of writing too much, I will show some photos to give an impression of our trip.



Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp

Chitwan National Park