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Mirador de las Chozas

Today I decided to go cycling for a few hours. I started in Todoque and cycled up to the visitors center. From El Paso on there was such a storm! And the wind came from the front so cycling was really hard. There were also many clouds above the cumbre and it looked like rain... but nevertheless I continued. At the visitors center I turned to the road that leads to the Cumbrecita. To drive on this road by car you need a permit that can be obtained on the Internet or in the visitors center! There is a parking space at the end of the road, but it is only for 16 cars, so traffic on this road is limited and most people take a taxi. I cycled up the road for about 8km before reaching the car park. From there I continued for one kilometre until I reach the mirador de las chozas! This is a nice place with a view inside the caldera! I was completely alone there and stayed for about one hour before going back. This place is also a good starting point to go hiking inside the caldera.