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Hiking up Volcano Teneguía

Today it was really hot! So we decided to spend lunchtime at our house. At about 3pm we took the car and drove to Los Canarios in the south of the island. It took more than one hour to go there. In the south of the island are two famous volcanos - San Antonio and Teneguia. Last time we were on La Palma we walked along San Antonia. There is also a visitors center at the beginning of the volcano. Today we wanted to go closer to volcano Teneguia. We park our car at 28.490316, -17.853722. From there we walk below volcano San Antonio. Its last eruption was back in 1677. I think walking along in this part of the island is also something one should definitely do while being on La Palma. After about half an hour we have a great view to the Teide on Tenerife and La Gomera directly in front of us! La Gomera looks really close. We then walk up to the top of volcano Teneguia. Its last eruption was in 1971! Not so long ago! Walking on top of the volcano is a bit scary but the view is definitely worth it!