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One night on the Waltenberger Haus

The weather was said to be perfect for one day and so we decided to take a day off and drive to Oberstdorf. We wanted to go the Heilbronner Weg which is one of the most beautiful paths in the Alps because you have a great view around.

We planned to go from the Fellhornbahn to Einödsbach, from there to the Waltenberger Haus and up to the Heilbronner Weg and then down to the Rappensee Hut. We wanted to stay at the Rappensee Hut and go down to the valley the next morning. When we started in the morning it was really really cold, but the sky was blue and when the sun came it was nice and warm. But when we arrived at the Waltenberger Haus we saw that the complete way up was covered with snow and ice! We talked to the owner of the hut and he said he would not recommend us to continue. So we decided to stay at the Waltenberger Haus and just enjoy the view and the atmosphere of being in the mountains again. The sky was clear this night and there was no moon so we had a great view and could even see the milky way!