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Mountainbiking Lake Garda

This year we spent some days again at the Lake Garda in Torbole. We stayed in a really good sports hotel - Aktivhotel Santalucia.

On the first day we rented mountain bikes. From Riva we cycled along the old road to Pregasina. This road is really worth walking along or cycling. Many people are cycling this way but most of them go directly to Lago di Ledro. We cycle to Pregasina first. Until then the road is paved and cycling is easy. After that the road becomes a path which goes through a forest. Many times we have to get off and push the bike. From Bocca Larici (about 900m high) you have an amazing view down on the lake. From there we continue up to Passo Rocchetta. There we have reached the highest point and can now enjoy some cycling on almost the same level before the descend. Actually we wanted to continue a bit further and then go down to Lago di Ledro. But because of the weather forecast and the clouds we decide to skip the last part and go down to Biacesa. This way down is very steep and we are lucky that the rain did not yet start because otherwise it might be slippery. From Biacesa it is not far back to Riva and Torbole. All in all a really nice bike tour, we will definitely do this again.