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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 42: Rifugio Soria-Ellena – Refuge de Nice

Today we walked as planned from Rif. Ellena-Soria to Ref. Nice in France. After about 2 hours we reached the first pass which is the border between Italy and France. Up there is an old building – probably from the war. When we arrived there three ibexes just left the building – like guardians :) – but they let us continue our way to France… Unfortunately this also means that there won’t be any pasta as “primi plati” any more :( I have to say…it is just pasta…BUT the Italian pasta is absolutely fantastic – I don’t know what they are doing different… :)

From here we walked down to the first hut on our way – Refuge Madone de Fenestre on about 1900m. Here we met quite a lot of people because many came up to this hut by car – and since it is Sunday…

We made no break and continued to the next pass on about 2700m. This path was very nice – a little steep and some more rocks made it quite interesting. At the top it was quite cold since clouds were already hanging around. So we directly continued downwards again. The “path” down was quite steep at the beginning and our knees started to hurt. We were quite glad when we finally arrived at the Nice hut. One thing we both started to wonder about in the Alps Maritime are the times written on the way signs. Because it now happened quite often that we were much slower than the time written on the signs. I wonder how fast one must walk to make the time given…. :P – flying??

At the hut it was not so nice – it was quite cold inside and the sun also left us quite early today. The dinner was ok – just sitting so close with 4 others on a small table was little annoying (actually no problem but after so many days and nights we both are looking for some more room and privacy again).


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