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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 31: Rifugio Lago Verde – Rifugio Jervis

From Rif. Lago Verde we start early. A steep mountain path (personally I wouldn’t call this a path any more) led us upwards to a pass on about 2700m. Here we were the first this morning. An ibex stood right in front of us watching us curiously. We made some photos this time :) The pass also is the border between Italy and France and so we continued the next part of today in France (actually most people on the last hut were from France). More or less we continued walking on the same altitude until we reached Bivaccio Soardi on 2620m. It lays directly behind the Col de Bouchet. Now we are back in Italy :) We could not belive what we were seeing from up here. It was a very clear morning. Our current position was more or less at the eastern boundary of the western Alps. So we were able to see very very far into Italy from up here. It is hard to describe and it was also impossible for us to take a good photo of this view – but one should have seen once in life:)

We continued downwards for a few hours. Sometimes walking down is a pain but this time it was not because there were flowers everywhere… Finally we followed a road again upwards to Rif. Jervis on 1732m.

When we arrived we received our room – this time with 7 others. We took rest of the day off :) I ordered two “Panasche” (this is beer with Sprite) in a row and lay down in the sun. After a few minutes I slept – almost until dinner :P . For dinner we had to share the food with 6 people from France. A few times we had to remember them that the food is not just for them…not quite polite… Anyway.. the dinner was good – beside other things lots of pasta…and bacon with oil and parmigiano. Tomorrow we plan to go to Rif. Giacoletti on about 2700m.

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