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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 29: Torino

A loud “Kaboom!!” woke me at 6:30am. What the…??? Shouldn’t the weather be fine today. “Maybe a little rain in the afternoon…maybe not…”? But outside the hell started and I was so glad that I still lay in my warm bed. Whoever heard a thunderstorm in the mountains knows what I mean :) Luckily nobody left the hut so far. The weather report was very bad for today. Very strong thunderstorms and rain. So we decided to leave this place since the bad weather was supposed to continue the whole day. Yesterday we saw that there is a bus directly to Torino – just 2:30 hours. We both thought it is a good point in time to go back to the civilisation for one day…besides we had some organisational things to do which was much easier in a city. After breakfast the rain stopped. So we started to walk along the road to a bus stop from where we were able to go to Torino. This was about 4 km away. It turned out to be a bad idea since the rain started just 10 minutes after we left – but we did not want to go back… We continued to walk along the road for 10 minutes…until a long tunnel came up in front of us. This one was only made for cars…and again I was asking myself: “What am I doing here??” We put our thumbs out …but many cars passed. We were standing right in front of this tunnel and it was raining… But then one car stopped and we were able to get in. God we were so glad! The driver was from Romania but lived in Italy. It turned out that he had to go to Turino as well…and he just said if we want we can stay…he even invited us to a coffee! So we got to Turino for free…in just half of the time :) In Turino we had a nice hotel – located closely to the station. There is also a tourist information. We were looking for a sports shop to buy two new hiking sticks (because I left mine…somewhere.. ). So we asked if there is any outdoor shop around. The answer was funny…”Oh yes, there is an auto museum right here…” :D (we did not find a shop…). Later we walked into a farmacia to buy new sun milk – we didn’t find it in the super market. We realized that sun milk is very expensive compared to the prices we have in Germany. A special offer – 30% off – cost about 12 euros! Off course a farmacia is more expensive…but this was a bit too much. Anyway we needed the sun milk…and so we decided to buy it. What we learnt today is patience :D There was a line of maybe 8 customers in front of us…and we thought it will take about 10 minutes…no problem. But after waiting about 20 minutes there were still 4 people in front of us. We just wanted to buy this little much too expensive sun milk. It was really amazing to see how much patience all the other customers had – they had time…and nobody seemed to care. One customer wanted to buy a body lotion… but there were three different ones and she could not decide. The staff explained all the advantages of each of the body lotions. Another one wanted to buy food for his dog…interesting that this is sold by a farmacia :P And so it took almost 35 minutes until we left the farmacia again – just to buy sun milk… The rest of the day we walked through the streets of Torino. There is not so much to say…just that the contrast between hiking in the mountains and walking through a big city can’t be bigger. Tomorrow we wilk take the bus back to the mountains and continue our path – the weather looks very good!

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