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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 25: Rifugio Trüc – Susa

This morning we climbed down to Susa – a “bigger” city. Here are hotels, super markets, restaurants, pharmacies, traffic lights, cash machines…even a train station. God I never thought I will like a city that much :) Today it is hot in Susa – 34°C. Actually I think this is quite normal here but in the mountains we often do not realize that it is that hot in summer. The temperature drops about 1°C per 100m upwards. Now I think I know again how people in Germany currently must feel with temperatures around 32°C…and I heard some companies do not even spend the money for an air conditioning… When we arrived in Susa we went along the train station. When we passed a group of people a girl held her nose and waived her hand in front of her face…and laughed…and watched after us :D I guess there is not much room for misinterpretations… Tonight we have a room in a 3 star hotel – with shower and bed and balcony and air conditioning and TV :) This is great :D The next action: shower! Luckily the hotel also had a public washing machine. We used it two times! In the afternoon we walked through the old city of Susa – once built by the Romans. And there are really some concepts, buildings and roads which remind me of Rome. Susa has about 6600 citizens. My personal impression is that international tourism is no big topic here. This evening we decided to go to a pizzeria – and we enjoyed it to determine ourselves what we want to eat and when, even ordering in Italian was no problem. On mountain huts there is often one fixed time and only one meal to “choose” from. We had two pizzas and a big salad and 1 litre of water and half a litre of white wine – all together for about 23 euros. I think this is a quite good price :) Tomorrow we plan to walk further to the south…

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