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Sicily – Taormina

After landing in Catania we took the bus from the airport to the train station. At the train station we bought a ticket to Taormina. Taormina is a small town about 40 minutes away from Catania. It is said to be the most beautiful town on Sicily. But when we left the train station we were wondering where the town is.. Besides the train station there were only a few houses... and nothing especially well looking.. so we started walking along the road until a man stopped us. He asked if we want to go to Taormina per pedes. We said yes and he explained to us that we cannot take the road, instead we should go up a small path on a slope. So we followed that path for about 30 minutes and arrived 200 metres above sea level in the city center of Taormina! From there you have a great view to the sea. Taormina has a beautiful historic city center. After walking around for a while and we decided to visit the old theater. It is really worth a visit. You have a great view around! We spent a lot of time lying around and enjoyed the sunshine 😀 After that we were very hungry and went to a nice Italian restaurant. From our table we could see the sea - very nice! Afterwards we visited the public garden - a very nice green spot at the edge of the town. From there we walked back down to the train station and took the train back to Catania.

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