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Sicily – Palermo

We took the bus from Catania to Palermo. That takes about 2:30 hours. I was surprised to see that there is nothing inside the center of the island - only the motorway, some sheep and green hills... You can also find snowy mountains there - but no cities, no towns, no people.

Other than Palermo.. Palermo seems to be a noisy, narrow city. Many allays, but no nice places to sit down and relax. There is also a lot of traffic. After arriving at the train station we went to the sea. We walked through a actually quite nice garden, but unfortunately it was located besides a busy road. At the sea there was much concrete but no place to sit down and no sand... So we decided to have a coffee. We found a coffee bar - but no place to sit down. So we ordered a coffee - and got espresso! We did not know that for the Italian coffee always means espresso... Then we walked around the city a bit, becoming frustrated about the traffic. In front of the theatre we found another coffee bar. Now we ordered a coffee with milk with the hope to get a (at least for us) "real" coffee in a big mug. Nevertheless again it was only an espresso with a milk froth hat... Ok, so now we definitely know that Italians only drink espresso.. After that we decided to go back to the train station and take the bus to the airport... an interesting fact is that all airport buses have free wifi. The bus took about 50 minutes. It felt like we were driving through whole Palermo to pick up more people. But after leaving the city the view outside was really nice. We drove along the coast, saw many cliffs, small houses and the sunset. Arriving at the airport was a bit strange - the building looked really old and it was quite cold inside and even the security person did speak only Italian... But nevertheless our flight left in time and after two hours we were safely back in Stuttgart.