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Gleckstein Hut

We start our trip in Grindelwald. There we wanted to take the bus to the 'Abzweig GlecksteinhĂĽtte'. But because of a bike race there was no bus this morning! So we walked the whole way to the beginning of the path. It goes up for around 1500 metres. When you walk up you have a great view of the Eiger and Grindelwald. You pass the Oberer Grindelwaldgletscher and then you can already see the hut.

The food at the hut was really good and we enjoyed the time there, looking at the glacier and fell asleep at a bench. We woke up with the sound of the breaking glacier and the chickens that were walking around us.

In the evening some mountain goats and sheep came around.

The next morning the sky was gray and it was raining. We had to go down to Grindelwald. Very wet we arrived at our hostel. The following hot shower was great 🙂

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