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Bike Tour Barranco

Today we plan to make cycle through Gran Canaria's backend. We start in Playa del Ingles where you can rent bikes at 'Free Motion' (close to the hotel Sandy Beach)
The weather is at its best 🙂
We follow the road until we come to a stone pit. Then we keep to the right. The tarred road turns into a trail (we ignored the "explosive" sign - probably not a big deal for non-germans... but we had a little discussion 🙂 )... After 20 minutes the trail is crossed by a creek. Probably there has once been a bridge... We decided to walk through the creek... it was a quite refreshing 🙂
The trail continued for a while. Then the trail turned into something what might be called a river bed.

We carried our bikes for a while, hoping that the trail would come back soon. The weather was very nice - and hot 🙂

Unfortunately, that was not the case... so we decided to take a break and capitulate today.

Annotation: during our next holiday on Gran Canaria the river was gone (it was later in the year) and we could see that the trail continues. But we had no time to cycle it to the end.. but we will do so in November 2011!


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