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Oetztal – Stuibenfall

The Stuibenfall Waterfall is with a height of 159m the highest waterfall in Tyrol - and it has a fixed rope route which goes along the left side of the waterfall. It gives you a great view on the waterfall all the time while climbing up 300m.

We took the bus to Umhausen, from there we followed the signs saying 'Stuibenfall' until we arrive at a small shop and parking area. From there you walk through a forest for about 20 minutes until you arrive at the beginning of the via ferrata. From the start you can already see the great waterfall.

The first part of the via ferrata is a ropeway. This was our first route with a ropeway so it was quite exciting! Then you''ll find many fixed ropes.

Take a break and enjoy the waterfall from high above!

The last part is another more difficult ropeway. This one is really good, because it''s above the waterfall and for sure you''ll get wet 😀 This is a nice way to cool down on warm days 😉

After finishing the via feratta we enjoyed the waterfall and then took the normal way back to the little shop and the parking area.

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