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Oetztal – Erlanger Hut and Fundusfeiler

In August 2009 we did our first trip to the Oetztal. The Oetztal is very famous for skiing in the winter. But it was summer and we decided to go hiking - and to go on a mountain which is higher than 3000m for the first time! We took the bus to Umhausen which is a small village with a nice waterfall. From Umhausen we start the ascent to the Erlanger Hut. In the beginning it is a long walk through a forest... After a few hours we arrive at Vordere Leierstalalm (1798m) where we take the first break.

After this sign you can already see the Erlanger Hut. But it is still a long way up... The first thing to do after arriving at the hut - order a Skiwasser! Right behind the hut is the beautiful Wettersee 🙂 After a little break we continue walking in the direction of the Wildgrat (2971m). The view of the Wettersee is so great! After enjoying the great view we go back to the Erlanger Hut to have some food. Really tired we went to bed and got up quite early the next morning, because we wanted to go up Fundusfeiler - our first ascent over 3000m.

Around lunchtime we arrived at the top (3079m) and enjoyed blue sky and sunshine. We continued to walk to the Frischmann Hut and had great food and stayed there over night. The next morning we started the descent back to Umhausen. All in all this was a great tour in a beautiful landscape.

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