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Dossen Hut

This was our first time in the Bernese Oberland. Unfortunately it was raining when we woke up. Nevertheless we enjoyed the breakfast and took the bus to 'Schwarzalp'. From there we started to walk to Rosenlaui. We visited the glacier gorce which was great! We wanted to go to the Dossen Hut. It stopped raining and we decided to continue. The way to the Dossen Hut has some ladders and fixed ropes and is quite difficult. But the view is fantastic! You walk along the Rosenlaui glacier and can see the hut from the beginning of the path - but far far away. The ladders and ropes were no problem. But just in between these lightening rods the sky became darker and it started to rain.. a few minutes later a storm came - a thunderstorm! No panic now! That was the scariest moment we had so far in the mountains. Luckily we had just reached the end of the secured part of the path when the thunder came. We saw the bivouac and ran to it! It was open! What a great moment - we went into it and closed the door and all windows. We lit some lights and waited. We could hear the thunder, the rain and the storm outside. Actually this bivouac was really nice, but we were really scared because of the weather outside! When we looked around in the bivouac we saw that it was opened yesterday! Would we have been there two days earlier we wouldn't be able to have this security in the thunderstorm. We couldn't believe how much luck we had.. When the thunderstorm was over we looked outside. It was still a bit up to the hut. But the weather became better, so we continued. Now the most difficult part of the way began. We had to climb up a bit on a ridge without being secured.  But then we reached the hut safe and sound. We had a great view around and enjoyed the loneliness of the hut. Only three other people were there. But then the owner of the hut told us that we have to go down the next morning - because much snow was expected! So we had a great dinner, slept well and went all the way back to Rosenlaui the next morning. We took the bus back to Grindelwald. Very exhausted we reached the hostel and the next morning our muscles were aching heavily! One trip we will never forget.

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