Today was the perfect autumn day! ­čÖé I started in Br├╝lisau and walked up to the Hoher Kasten. From there the view to the Rhine valley was absolutely amazing! Then I walked below the ridge via Staubern to Saxer L├╝cke where I descended to Bollenwees. Just before arriving at Saxer L├╝cke the view down to the F├Ąhlensee was very beautiful and full of autumn colours ­čÖé I continued via Bogarten to Wasserauen. When I stayed at Bogarten for a short break I was envious of the people coming down from Marwees. The traverse of the Marwees is almost on top of my wish list for next year ­čśë

Here are some impressions from my hike on October 3rd which is a public holiday in Germany. The weather forecast said a mix of clouds and sunshine, but more or less it rained the whole day ­čśŤ The hike took me from Wasserauen via H├╝ttentobel and Bogartenl├╝cke to Bollenwees. Luckily it was still open and so I enjoyed a hot peppermint tea in front of the fireplace. Then I walked up to Staubern and shortly before the Hoher Kasten I took the path down to Br├╝lisau. Even if the weather was quite bad I enjoyed the hike and the nature and being completely alone most of the time.

Another weekend full of sunshine! So we decide to take the train to Kandersteg. We stay at the Kanderhuette which is great, because it is very cheap and still a cosy place and it also includes a kitchen. The next morning we walk up to the Oeschinensee. This lake is super beautiful! ­čÖé We are very early and only a few other people are there. We take a long break here before we continue hiking up to the Bluemlisalphuette. From the trail we have a good view of the glacier (or at least what is left of it) and for a few hundred meters the trail also goes along the moraine. After a steep ascent we reach the Hohtuerli. From here it is only another 10 minutes to the hut.

The Bluemlisalphuette is a very nice place! We stay there for almost two hours and enjoy the sunshine and the perfect view to the Bluemlisalp! Tonight is a concert at the hut and the helicopter is flying in the instruments! When all instruments and musicians are there they start to play music! This is fantastic! On the way back we walk over the Heuberg which offers a great view down to the Oeschinensee. This was definitely again one of the best hiking days this year! ­čÖé


After waking up today we feel reeeally tired because of the long hike to the Gro├čer Krottenkopf yesterday. So we decide to take it easy. We have a really good breakfast at the Weinklause. Then we walk up to the ski jumping arena and along the Walserweg to the Gaisalpe. We then continue to the Gaisalpsee.

There are many people at the lake and also many people are going up to the Rubihorn. We decide for the quieter trail and walk up to the Oberer Gaisalpsee. Now we meet only a few other people. We continue until the Seealpe. Here we take a long break, have a drink, and then go back down to Oberstdorf. This trail offers great views and was a nice end of our summer vacation ­čÖé

The summit of the Gro├čer Krottenkopf - the highest mountain of the Allg├Ąuer Alps - is on my wish list for a long time and for today the weather looks very promising ­čÖé

The Kemptner H├╝tte is fully booked as always on a summer weekend like this one. So we decide to stay in a cosy hotel in Oberstdorf and go up and down on the same day. We meet many other people on the way to the Kemptner H├╝tte. When we reach the hut we take a short break. Now the trail is less frequented.

The trail is quite easy, only the last 100 meters require some climbing (I). From the summit the view is perfect! ­čÖé We go back down the same way, take another break at the Kemptner H├╝tte and are back at the hotel 10.5 hours later ­čśŤ