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About Lisa

Hi, I am Lisa! I love being outside! In the summer I like to spend most of my time hiking in the Alps or cycling. In the winter the best place for me are the Canary Islands with their amazing landscape and perfect climate.

Somerset is located in the south west of England. It's in the countryside. We have some friends in Crewkerne and in 2008 we stayed there for a couple of days.

We did a trip to Lyme Regis which is a small town at the coast.

On the next day we did a cycling tour to Cricket St. Thomas Wildlife Park. They had many different animals and it was definitly worth a visit. Unfortunately the park was closed in 2009.

On our way back to Crewkerne we stopped at a pub to have lunch.

Friday - 8th August 2008 - the weather forecast is great for the ongoing weekend. We decide to go hiking on the Heilbronner Weg in the Allgäu. We pack or bags and after a 3 hours drive we arrive in Obersdorf. We take the bus from the Oberstdorf central station to Bigsau. For here we continue by foot to the Enzian Hut which is on 1804 m. After a break (the tomato soup is really great) we continue to the Rappensee Hut on 2091 m.

After a good lunch and great night we are up quite early. We are the first at the beginning of the Heilbronner Weg this morning. Far below we see other groups coming. Again we know why the Heilbronner Weg is one of the most famous hiking trails. In all directions we have a great view into the valley. The highest point today is the Steinschartenkopf with 2615 m.

Our next aim is the Kemptner Hut (1846m). We pass the "Black Milt" - a field of snow (no glacier, no crevasses). Arriving at the Kemptner Hut we take a longer break.

Then we follow the path back down to Birgsau (which is a little boring - at least in contrast to the Heilbronner Weg).

On the 26th of July in 2008 we meet with friends to do the Mindeheimer Klettersteig. By car we go to Mittelberg (in Austria). From there we go up to the Fiderepass Hut (2070m). There we sleep one night.

The next morning we go up to the beginning of the via ferrata. The weather could be better but we still decide to continue. We are lucky - there is no rain at all 🙂 The via ferrata is quite nice and makes lots of fun. Arriving at the Mindeheimer Hut (2013m) we take a break.

From there we follow the Krumbacher Höhenweg back to the Fiderepass Hut. After another break we go back to Mittelberg. Despite the weather wasn't that good it was still a great tour we don't wanna miss.

I (Lisa) wanted to spent my 20th birthday in Paris. Therefore we took the plane and landed an hour later at the airport in Paris. We had a good time there, even if it was really cold! We walked through the city and went up the Tour Eiffel. And we enjoyed lots of baguette, cheese and red wine. Definitely a birthday I will never forget!