Today was a cloudy day. When we checked the NOT webcam we realized that the clouds were at least lower than 2400m since there was best weather on Roque de Los Muchachos. We didn't want to sit in the car for such a long time today. So we decided to take the car and just drove upwards for about 15-20 minutes to a parking place (28°42'20.6"N 17°55'46.0"W)  not far from El Jesus. From here we started to hike upwards...

Today it was very cloudy and I was really tired from the travelling yesterday, so we decided to go only for a short walk.
Directly above our house starts a hiking path that leads to the Torre del Time. We go up there, from there you have a great view down to Los Llanos. Because of the clouds the view was not so good today, but still it was nice. From there it is possible to continue to walk on the hiking path up to the top of the caldera and from there to Roque de Los Muchachos. For this you need a lot of time, we have not done it yet, but I guess it will take about 8 hours at least.

For our next La Palma holidays we came across Casa La Chirlaca. It is a cottage located in the west of the island – not far from Tijarafe. It can be found on google maps (28°41’07.6″N 17°56’15.5″W). It has a big sun terrace with an almost free view to the sea.

To us, this cottage was a pleasant location. Especially the terrace, the garden and the great free view on the sea are wonderful. It has a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom for two persons. A third sleeping place is the sofa. The next super market is about 10 minutes away by car. From here it takes about 1:20h by car to get to Roque de Los Muchachos. Furthermore the cottage has free WLAN internet via satellite. It is a bit slow but for checking mails and web browsing it is sufficient. The owner more or less only speaks Spanish but for giving over the house that wasn’t a problem. Casa La Chirlaca can for example be booked here.

The cottage is about ~700m above the sea level. So there can still be annoying clouds and in the evening and at night it always became cold. So remember to take warm clothes with you – even if you visit the canary islands La Palma 🙂 A few more astronomy related photos and comments can be found on my astro-blog.