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Sicily – Catania

We spent the evening in Catania. After checking in at the hotel we went to the "party street" to get some food and cocktails. We decided to have some ice cream and went into a nice looking gelateria at a nice piazza close to the theatre. I thought about ordering a crepes instead of ice cream - but due to many misunderstandings we left the shop with one crepes for each person filled with three huge ice scoops and chocolate sauce! Wow.. that was enough food for the evening. After that we went to a cocktail bar - nobody was talking English again.. - and ordered two cocktails. Maybe cocktail is the wrong word - actually it was pure alcohol with a bit of flavour 😮 One was enough.. and luckily the hotel was not too far away...

Nevertheless after a good night of sleep and a more or less strange breakfast we were ready to do some sightseeing the next morning. But before that we wanted to buy the tickets for the bus to Palermo which should (according to the schedule on the Internet) leave at 1pm. But.. what a surprise.. there was no bus at 1pm - instead the bus was leaving at 11:30am. We bought some tickets and we happy that we found a bus at all. So we had to reduce the time for sightseeing a bit..

After that we went to the centro storico and saw the landmark of Catania which is the elephant fountain. We spent some time at the piazza and watched the Italians talking to each other and meeting up there... Then we walked around a bit through the historic city center.. Before we got to the bus we found a really nice bakery, bought a wonderful bread for the long bus ride and arrived just in time at the bus station. Now our next stop would be Palermo.