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For some time now we wanted to see Rome. Recently we saw some pictures of the “Capo Caccia” on Sardinia and thought that really is a place one should have seen. So we planned a tour which combines Rome and Sardinia 🙂

Stuttgart - Rome

We take the train from Stuttgart to Munich and have a nice coffee break in Munich. We panned enough time to catch the night train from Munich to Rome. In the night train the porter shows us our cabin - really nice. There are two beds and even a wash-bowl and fresh towels – just like in a hotel 😀 From the lower bed we are looking out of the window. We enjoy the evening with a glass of wine. The soft swinging of the train makes us tired and we sleep quite well. The next morning we already see the Italian landscape – only one more hour – then we are in Rome. The porter brings breakfast – and even a hot coffee! Then we arrive in Rome on time 🙂


We arrive in Rome at about 9am in the morning. We walk to the hotel which is 15-20 minutes away from the station. The earliest time we can check in is 1pm. So we leave our luggage in the luggage room (which does not seem to be locked nor observed^^). Our first goal is the Colosseum.

Forum Romanum – costs money – we buy combi ticket for Colosseum and Formum Romanum – Forum Romanum is very nice – a huge park – view over Rome, sitting in the sun... then we go to the Colosseum again, passing a huge line of tourists because we already have a ticket (a guy asks if we need a guide – we say that we already have a ticket – then he said we can pass directly through....). Quite a lot of people in the Colosseum but interesting to see. We leave the Colosseum again and go to “Petersplatz” (where the Pope (Pappa :D) lives) - also quite huge. We don't take a guide through the Pertersdom but just take a longer break – watching on the “Petersplatz”. Then we go to the “...park” and take a longer break in the shadow of the trees. From here we have a nice view over Rome. We are getting hungry and starting to search a good Pizzeria. Finally, we found a very nice one little hidden in a side road. We are walking back to the hotel. Now, we alking around for about 12 hours...

The hotel room in Rome is very small and little old but it is clean and sufficient for our purposes. We even have a small balcony. We fall into a deep sleep.

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