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Cima S.A.T.

The Cima S.A.T. (1246m) is a summit very close to the Lake Garda. The fixed rope route "Via dell'' Amicizia" lead directly to the summit. Actually, 1246m doesn''t sound so much but since one start in Riva del Garda which is just 80m above sea level there is still a difference of 1166m left. The fixed rope route is known for quite long ladders (up to 70m) and the great view on the Lake Garda.

Today, we start in Torbole which is the neighbouring place of Riva del Garda. We rent mountain bikes the day before at Scott. It''s just 5am. We pack our bags and unlock the bikes. It is still dark outside and nobody is on the streets. It takes approximately 30 minutes until we reach Riva Del Garda. We lock our bikes and walk to the information board.

We follow the path up the hill. Our first stop will be "Il Bastione" - a fortress which was built approximately 1500 AD. Before we arrive at the Bastione we already have a great view on Riva Del Garda.

A sign shows us the right way.  Finally we arrive at the Bastione. Nobody else is there. It is possible to go inside the Bastione - for free.

Directly beside the Bastione there is a little cafe which is of course closed that early. However, we borrowed two chairs and had our breakast - probably the breakfast with the best view ever 🙂

After breakfast we continue the ascent. The path turned into a mixture of stones and roots. Frome here one already has a great view on the Lake Garda.

After some time (or some more time....) we arrive at Capanna Santa Barbara - which is also closed. And also here we are completely alone. We take a short break and then follow the signs to the beginning of the fixed rope route. There is a sign  saying "Ferrata Centenario S.A.T - Via Dell'' Amicizia".

The first part of the fixed rope route is more like a small path. Only some parts are secured by rope. Also a helmet does not really seem to be necessary.

However, after some time we come to a small plateau. From here a long ladder goes right to the sky. From the ladder the view to the Lake Garda even gets better 🙂 At the end of the first ladder one might look back... 🙂 From now on one ladder is followed by another.

On our way up we pass a board with an Italian song text. From here the next ladder starts. To the right one can see far to the north.
A few ladders later we finally arrive at the Cima S.A.T. The flag which is made of metal creaks in the wind. At the top we write our names down to the summit log 🙂 Also on our way back to Riva Del Garda we still have a nice view to the Lake Garda.

Looking back we can see some other people at the end of the fixed rope route.

We pass a sign telling us that there is water available just a few hundered meters away. It has become quite warm, now. Actually we are quite glad that we have started so early in the morning and that we took enough water with us.

After the last ladder down we arrive at the Santa Barbara chapel. Here, we meet other people the first time. On our way down we meet several people which are just on their way up to the fixed rope route. Now, with approximately 28 degrees celsius in the shadow we think that''s not such a good idea. Instead we are looking forward to the swimming pool, now 😀

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