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Surrounding the Rosengarten

End of june 2008 we decided to visit the Rosengarten. Form Germany, we take the train to Bolzano. After a few minutes walking we arrive at the bus station. We take the bus going to Vigo di Fassa and get off at station Karerpass. Our first destination is the Paolina Hut (2125m).

After a short break we continue walking to Rifugio Fronza (Koelner Hut) (2337m). There we take a longer break eating a cheese and bread. Our plan is to pass the Tschager Joch and then to go further to Rifugio Vaiolet.

However, due to lots of snow in the above areas we change our plans. We head back to Rifugio Fronza and walk to Rifugio Roda di Vael (Rotwandhütte) (2283m). On that way we pass the eagle monument which remembers Theodor Christomanos.

Arriving at Rifugio Roda di Vael it turns out that this hut is currently closed due to renovation (an hour ago we met a man who told us that he is just coming from Rifugio Roda di Vael - probably for him it was just a minor detail that the hut is currently closed....). This is the moment we learned to always call a hut before we go for it... - at least in Italy. We decided to proceed to Rifugio Ciampedie which was approximatly 90 minutes away. On our way we see some quite interesting rock walls.

Quite exhausted, we finally arrive at this really nice hut. The next morning the weather is as good as it can be. Our todays goal is Rifugio Antermoia (2498m). We plan to go to Rifugio Gardecia and then take the Scalette via ferrata to Passo delle Scalette, 2348m. From there we want further proceed to Rifugio Antermoia. The first part of the way from Rifugio Ciampedie to Rifugio Gardecia is a 30 minutes walk. We follow the signs. The road turns into a small path which leads us through wood and rock up the hill.

After maybe an hour the wood disappeared. We reach the beginning of the Scalette via ferrata. In front of us lies a more or less steep path through the rocks. To the left and to the right we see large walls of stone. Technically, the via ferrata is quite easy - but still exhausting since it is going upstairs all the time. Only the last part is secured by a steel rope.

After an hour we arrive at Passo delle Scalette, 2348m. We continue walking on a plateau for some time until it becomes steeper again. Arriving at the top, we can already see Rifugio Antermoia. To the left we see the Antermoia Lake.

After approximately 5 hours, 750m up and 250m down we finally arrive at Rifugio Antermoia. We are so hungry that we almost can't wait for dinner. Finally, we both have two different meals 😀 The beds in Rifugio Antermoia are quite nice since they have three levels... we sleep like being dead.

Since we really liked Rifugio iCampedie we plan to go back there the next morning. We plan to pass the Grassleitenpass, the Grassleitenpasshütte (2601m)Rifugio Vajolet (2243m) and Rifugio Gardecia heading back to Rifugio Ciampedie.

First, we pass Lake Antermoia. Until we reach a sign which is still surrounded by snow. Passing along we leave another plateau beyond us. Finally we arrive at the Grassleitenpass from where we can already see the Grassleitenpasshütte.

From up here we follow the signs back to Rifugio Ciampedie. There we again had a beautiful evening and a great lunch 🙂

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