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From the Vilsalpsee we went up to the Landsberger Hütte. On this way the weather was very bad - very wet and you could not see more than 5 metres in front of you. Nevertheless we were in a good mood, because the weather forecast said sunshine and blue sky for the next day. We stayed a the Landsberger Hütte from where we could see the north face of the Lachenspitze. This was what we wanted to do - the new via ferrata to the summit of the Lachenspitze.
We started before the breakfast the next morning and where the first people in the via ferrata. It was a very nice one. It went vertical up the north face and you had a great view from the top. We had a break at the top and walked down to the hut to have something to eat and drink. Then we enjoyed the nice weather the rest of the day and walked back down to the valley.

We stayed at a camping site in Grän. From there we took the Füssener Jöchle railway up to the mountain. There we started to walk to the beginning of the Friedberger Klettersteig. We had a great view down to the valley with the blue Haldensee. From top of the Schartschrofen we went down the Friedberger Klettersteig. From there we continued to walk up the Rote Flüh. From the summit of the Rote Flüh we could watch some climbers on the Gimpel. That looked scary. Then we walked back down to the valley and wanted to take the bus back to Grän. But there was no bus to Grän! We were already too late. We asked some other hikers which were so kind to drive us back to Grän with their car.

We start our trip in Oberjoch which is the highest village in Germany. To get to the entry of the Salewa Klettersteig you can either use the cable car or walk. We decided to walk. When we arrived at the beginning of the via ferrata there were many people. The via ferrata is quite new and was not so difficult. Because of too many people there was a jam during the route and often we had to wait up to 10 minutes until we were able to continue.

Nevertheless we enjoyed arriving at the Iseler (1876m) and had a great view down to the Tannheimer Tal.

From the Iseler we continued to the Kühgundspitze (1907m). On this way we met only a few people - I think most of the people who did the ferrata took the cable car back down to the valley after a short break on top of the Iseler. So we enjoyed blue sky and a great view without so many people around us.

About an hour later we arrived back at Oberjoch. From there we drove to Grän which is about 10 minutes away. There we wanted to do another fixed rope route called Friedberger Klettersteig.